ITSS2023 (International Workshop on the Internet of Things and Smart Services)

While industries and corporations have acknowledged the importance of Web 2.0 and started integrating Web 2.0 in their business processes, they have made only limited contributions to the burgeoning knowledge in Web 3.0. Over the last decade, various technologies have moved to the qualitatively new phase of development. Mobile wireless communications, new data retrieval and new data processing techniques have been introduced. All of that with the Internet of Everything paradigm and customer-centric approach formed a new concept of the Smart Services. Smart Services concept means that soon we might have fully globalized services that would allow business to transform according to a new step of globalization considering customer-centric approach and digital economy based on data. Pandemic situation showed us how important Smart Services are in terms of supporting us in our everyday activities. Those services might also include solutions based on distributed ledger technology which is in a stage of research/implementation at the moment. ITSS2023 is an international workshop on advances in theory, applications and different approaches to using IoT and Smart Services. This workshop is about business transformation due to digital economy implementation and about new types of services and innovative business models stemming from the high impact of IoT and data-based services as the next step in globalization including new strategy and recommendations on digital economy by WEF.